At The Actual Hair Clinic, an outstanding surgical skill, modern techniques, and the most crucial creativity is the main accent. We care about our patients’ expectations and outcomes.

Not everyone with hair loss is a candidate for hair transplant surgery; we only advise surgery when we feel it is really in the patient’s need. Care and ethics are priorities that we value in all our consultations with patients.

Actual Hair Clinic

The sense of care runs in everything we do at The Actual Hair Clinic. Every single member of our team is a professional with a medical background and rich experience in the hair transplantation field. Our team feels lucky to have the chance to help change people’s lives every day. This teamwork and care leads us to results and helps to meet the patients’ expectations.

What else makes The Actual Hair Clinic different?

• Dr. Firdavs Ahmedov believes in the individual approach, evaluation, and planning of each case.

• Medical and surgical aspects of the procedures are directly performed and supervised by Dr. Firdavs Ahmedov.

• A precise and relevant brief before and after the hair transplantation procedure for the patients

• An ethical approach that focuses on your best interests all the time.

• Our motto – “You are a patient, not a customer.”

• Individual planning for each patient with an emphasis on a natural look, which means that we will do our best, so your hair transplant would look natural and make you happy every day.

• We are always with you to help consider the lifelong impact of your decision – meaning that we care about not only before the procedure but after all steps are behind.

• Our team has the experience gained from a large number of cases, following the updates and approaches of leaders of the hair restoration field. We believe that education and hands-on experience are a crucial step in the job we do, so we continuously improve our knowledge and skills through education and training.