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Hair restoration surgery is well established clinical discipline today. Just like in other fields of medicine, it continues to advance with technology. An expert hair restoration surgeon hands with today’s techniques can deliver exceptional, natural-looking results.

At Actual Hair Clinic, we use the latest equipment and techniques to make sure that our patients get the most advanced hair restoration surgery available nowadays.

How does hair restoration surgery work?

Surgical hair restoration is transferring healthy hair follicles from the patient’s donor areas of the scalp to the recipient areas. Both in male or female pattern baldness, this will typically mean transferring follicles from the back and sides of the head to the crown and the front of the head, where follicle miniaturization and hair loss has occurred.

We do offer different surgical hair restoration techniques and decide on the individual level what method fits your particular hair characteristics and goals. These techniques involve the same essential rule – transferring healthy hair follicles from the patient’s permanent areas of the scalp to the non-permanent regions.

Dr. Ahmedov will guide you through the pros and cons of the various options and will advise on the right surgery for you.