If you are having a hair transplant surgery, your treatment day will take place at our state-of-the-art clinic in the heart of the Asian side of Istanbul – Acibadem. The clinic located close to all main roads that connect Europe and Asia. Shuttle service provided by the clinic to get you from the hotel for your maximum convenience and comfort.

Before surgery, you’ll have a meeting with Dr. Ahmedov, who will give a brief regarding the procedure and will assess you to make sure you are in the right condition to receive your surgery.

Although our treatments are medical operations conducted in a theatre, we have made every effort to provide an environment that is comfortable and pleasant. All of our procedures performed using tablets and injections of local anesthetic, which is similar to a needle at the dentist and should be the only discomfort you will feel throughout the process.

You will be awake but relaxed throughout the procedure.

The main steps of the Micro FUE procedure at our clinic are:

1.Morning brief
2.Screening test for HepB, HepC, and HIV
3.Planning of the process with the patient
4.Preoperative evaluation (BP, Blood Sugar Level, Pulse, Oxygen 5.Saturation, Body Temperature)
6.Preparation of Donor Area FUE: 10 – 15 minutes
7.Local Anesthesia of the Donor and Recipient Areas: 10 – 15 minutes
8.Graft Removal by FUE: 2-4 hours
9.Inspection and Organizing of Grafts
10.Creation of Recipient Site by Incisions (Channels): 1-2 hour
11.Break – Lunch (Served at the clinics)
12.Placing of Follicular Unit Grafts: (2-4 hours)

When the procedure is completed, we will again assess you to ensure you are in full health and able to leave the clinic. We’ll provide you with all that you need to take care of your grafts, and complete information on how to look after everything in the coming days and weeks. The shuttle services are provided to get you to your hotel with comfort.