PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is one of the non-surgical treatments for hair loss. It performed as small scalp injections of a concentrated protein and nutrient-rich solution derived from your blood. It is a kind of ‘biotherapy’ that utilizes the body’s ability to heal and regenerate. For this reason, it often seems attractive for people who don’t want to use medications.

PRP is a relatively new option for hair loss treatment. But, it has been used widely for joint conditions and rejuvenation of facial skin, and many PRP related researches published in peer-reviewed medical journals. It is a safe treatment, although every patient’s response is different. In the hair loss treatment field, we see encouraging results.

PRP derived from plasma – the fluid component of blood, and it makes up the majority of its volume. Plasma contains three types of blood cells; red blood cells that carry oxygen, white blood cells that help us to fight infections, and platelets, which are responsible for blood clotting, scab formation, wound healing, and repair processes. PRP is a unique plasma solution which contains about five times the concentration of the average platelet level. Platelets are the main actors who play a critical role in the healing process by releasing growth factors after the injury. These groups of particular proteins stimulate the growth of specific tissues, and many of these growth factors are thought to promote hair growth as well.

The FDA did NOT approve PRP for male or female pattern baldness yet.


The growth factors in PRP stimulates new blood vessel formation, amplifies your natural wound healing process, and possibly stimulates stem cells. Since PRP derived from your blood, there are minimal safety concerns regarding this treatment modality. Studies have shown no significant side effects of PRP.


The long-lasting effect of PRP treatment is a significant advantage. The effect lasts 12 months on average, and with proper care extended up to 18 months. It is a natural clinical method based on the body’s self-regeneration ability. Combination with other hair loss entities like hair transplant, medical treatment increases the rate of success.


We have seen some excellent results from PRP used in areas of receding and thinning hair. We, at Actual Hair Clinic, decided to add PRP treatment to our portfolio due to some excellent outcomes of our patients. Beautiful results from some of the top hair restoration specialists, studies that showed good results in the global hair transplant industry pushed us and gave confidence regarding our choice. PRP best works in areas where there is still a lot of miniaturized hair and is unlikely to work well in the completely bald regions.

Certified physicians apply PRP treatment in our clinic. 


Since PRP derived from the cell of your body, it is possible to use it for all ages and genders. Contraindications are: Pregnant women, autoimmune conditions, active infection, taking beta-blockers, cancer, platelet dysfunction diseases, coagulation disorders.