When hair loss starts, in the early stages, in some patients, medical treatment may become an effective way of slowing and, in some cases reversing the process of hair loss.

At Actual Hair Clinic, we will advise you with the most suitable medications to help hair regrowth in your particular clinical case. Medical treatment, in some cases, maybe the better treatment option, or in some cases, used simultaneously along with surgery to help optimize results.

In modern medicine, there are only three FDA-approved treatments for hair loss:

1. SurgIcal Treatment
(HaIr TransplantatIon)
2. MedIcal Treatment
(MInoxIDIl and FInasterIde)
3. Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Also, there are new, controversial, adjunctive therapies such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) & Mesotherapy to help to acquire maximum density. In the modern approach of hair restoration, using adjunctive medical treatment to preserve existing natural hair is essential. Medical treatment can bring back some lost hair, but the most important, it slows down or stops hair loss for the future. We have seen many cases where medical therapy affected surgical planning in several ways.

1. The response is so good that patients sometimes decide they don’t need surgery.

2. Sometimes can improve the situation, so a smaller, less aggressive procedure needed.

3. Sometimes medical therapy only minimally useful, but even a small amount of regrowth can significantly improve the appearance of density in transplanted areas.

The treatments are planned on the individual demands of the patients according to the criteria mentioned above.