It is a novel non-surgical hair loss treatment. Laser light is used to stimulate cell growth and regenerate hair follicles. It combats with hair loss several ways; increases the volume and appearance of hair. LLLT has no known side effects until now. It is a smooth and painless therapy for hair loss.

FDA approved LLLT for both male and female pattern baldness treatment. It is specifically efficient in androgenetic alopecia, which is also known as male or female pattern baldness.

The primary cause of hair loss in males and females today is known as androgenetic alopecia (AGA). It is a hereditary condition in which hair follicles shrink and enter a dormant state, thus stopping hair growth.

LLLT is also used to treat alopecia due to chemotherapy, drug use, after pregnancy, etc.

One of the most significant areas of use of this treatment plan is as complementary to other types of hair loss treatment like hair transplant, mesotherapy, and PRP.

Workıng prıncıple of lllt?

It produces laser lights in a specific wavelength, which is absorbed by hair follicles. This light helps to shift the hair follicles from the telogen (dormant) stage into the anagen (growth) stage. It does it several ways;

-By stimulating stem cells of hair follicle regeneration, thus increasing the hair regrowth.

-By stabilizing the metabolic process of the hair follicles.

– By increasing the blood flow in the targeted region of the scalp, so this area gets more nutrients, oxygen, and supply.

Does ıt work?

LLLT is specifically efficient at treating miniaturized hair follicles (thinned and weakened). It helps to grow your hair thicker and more robust. At least 85% of the patients stabilized, and around 55% of the patients noticed new hair growth.

 It works only in the areas where the hair follicles still exist, by others saying it works only over the “live” and active hair follicles and does not affect the dead hair follicles.

 Due to this fact, it is vital to start LLLT as soon as possible to achieve maximum results. It is specifically very efficient in the first stages of hair loss when miniaturization starts.

 The combined therapy of LLLT with other hair loss treatments has a better effect than using it alone.

The first results of the therapy generally seen by the second month.

After you stop the treatment, the hair loss will resume. LLLT works as long as you are on the treatment regimen.