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FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method is one of the areas of expertise at Actual Hair Clinic.

This approach is an advanced surgical technique for restoring hair loss while avoiding the need for a linear scar-like mark in a FUT technic. In an FUE, achieving the most natural result needs both surgical excellence and an understanding of how hair grows across the head and what will the best option for each patient be.

Follicular Unit Extraction is transferring hair grafts from the “donor area” of the scalp to recipient areas affected by baldness. The grafts acquired from the donor area are genetically programmed to continue growing for life. In an FUE approach, individual follicular units extracted from the scalp, and tiny dot scars left But it is NOT a scarless surgery.


At the beginning of the FUE procedure, the donor area of the scalp prepared – shaved, follicular unit grafts extracted individually, using a 0.6mm to 1.4mm ‘punches. The process is carried out by a micromotor punch machine. Unlike the FUT technique, which leaves a linear scar, following the FUE method, there will be a series of tiny dot scars on the scalp. They are so small that others can hardly see them with an appropriate hair cut. But it is NOT a scarless surgery.

FUE technique requires only a local anesthetic and with appropriate local anesthesia the procedure and is comfortable with minimal pain. During typical FUE treatment, 2.000-4.000 grafts can be extracted (differs according to the individual needs of the patient and donor area capacity). The procedure can last 7-8 hours, while more extensive cases may require more than one session. New hair will start to grow approximately four – sixth months after surgery and will continue to grow through for the next 12-18 months.

Advantages of FUE

⦁ During the FUE procedure, scars on the donor are tiny and dot-like.
⦁ Easy and quick recovery (Typically 7 to 14 days)
⦁ It is done under the local anesthesia so that you will be awake throughout the surgery—no post-anesthesia discomfort.
⦁ Low rates of pain and discomfort
⦁ Good results in expert hands (over 80% when carried out correctly)
⦁ Suitable if you have a low density in
the donor area
⦁ Follicles can be extracted from body and beard too
⦁ Grafts spend less time outside. So their chance of survival is high.
⦁ It can be performed multiple times.
⦁ We can use it after FUT or for the revision of previous surgeries.

FUE Method at Actual Hair Clinic

At Actual Hair Clinic, most of the patients who want to have a hair transplant undergo Micro FUE approach. Micro FUE is our area of expertise, and we have reached satisfying results with this method.

At Actual Hair Clinic, we do promise rational and realistic outcomes to our patients. We do not give false hopes and falsify the number of grafts and the results of our patients. Our main advantage is that we do extensive planning of the area we are going to work on – head, back of the head, face, and forehead assessed thoroughly. We examine hair follicles, and procedure accurately planned, the approximate number of grafts calculated with their area of distribution. The patient is informed about all possible consequences understandably, so he or she has a clear idea about all the aspects and outcomes of the surgery.

We also give patients briefs before surgery, after the surgery, and on control or wash day. The total number of submissions is 3. In these briefs, we inform the patients about the transplant basics, some terminology, after the transplant care, the time-lapse after the transplant. We do it thoroughly, so the patients feel comfortable and safe. Our patients continue to get online support from a professional and trustworthy team, and they don’t feel deceived and disappointed even after the transplant performed.

At Actual Hair Clinics, the surgeries performed and directly supervised by our physician who has long-standing experience in this field and modern device and approaches used for the treatment. All patients informed in detail about the entire Micro FUE process based on realistic plans.