Around 80-90% of all the hair on your scalp is in different […]
When hair loss starts, the typical mechanism is the disruption of the […]
The usual and most common cause of hair loss seen is called […]
As mentioned before, the leading cause of hair loss is by far […]
The age for Male Pattern Baldness varies tremendously across the patients. Some […]
A crucial point here is that we should separately evaluate an ongoing […]
There are different causes of hair loss men can have. Simple rules […]
With the age hair growth cycle slows. We have more follicles that […]
In the world today there are 4 FDA approved treatments for hair […]
Non-surgical hair loss treatments are often useful in the early stages of […]
As in any treatment, there are potential side effects of non-surgical hair […]
There are two main types of hair transplant surgeries; ⦁ Follicular Unit […]
The answer to this question is very individual. It depends on many […]
A hair transplant is taking healthy hair follicles from the region of […]
In the FUT technique, a thin strip of skin with hair is […]
The primary point before the comparison is that an outcome in all […]
Hair transplantation surgery is aesthetic surgery, and having it is an individual […]
On average, hair transplantation surgery lasts 6-10 hours depending on the number […]
Before you decide to have hair transplantation surgery, we inform you of […]
You will have a case manager assigned to you. He/She will guide […]
Dr. Ahmedov fluently speaks English, Persian, Russian, and Turkish. We provide German, […]
Dr. Ahmedov is a co-founder and an attending surgeon of the Actual […]
We use the title of surgical assistants for our medical team members. […]
The Actual Hair Clinic founded in October 2019. Dr. Ahmedov has been […]
We perform our surgeries via FUE or DHI method. We use a […]
The transaction rate of the grafts plays a crucial role in the […]
For the creation of recipient sites (incisions/channels), we use classic slits or […]
Every single strand of hair is essential for us. We know that […]
After the Surgery, you will have a brief with your surgeon before […]
The only part of the Surgery when you will feel pain is […]
We do not see severe side effects often. We do our best […]
Non-shave FUE creates significant confusion across the patients and even healthcare providers. […]
Most of the hair we do transplant to the recipient area last […]
We do not perform the surgery under general anesthesia or sedation. We […]
Turkish Ministry of Health strictly regulates the medical and aesthetic field, including […]
As we mentioned before, there is no pain except the local anesthesia. […]
One of our areas of expertise is the revision of hair transplant […]
We encourage our patients to have a preliminary evaluation before Surgery. Please […]
All the consultation is carried face-to-face with Dr. Ahmedov before the Surgery. […]
All our consultations are free of charge (online/live).
It depends on the number of patients we have. To preserve high-quality […]
We routinely screen our patients for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV […]
During a preliminary and one-on-one consultation, please do not forget to tell […]
Please inform us regarding any medications you take regularly. Some drugs contraindicated […]
Yes, we do have experience with afro-textured hair. These kinds of patients […]
Hair transplant surgery is still a definite treatment for hair loss. But […]
After the FUE procedure, only tiny dot-like scars may be visible at […]
The number of sessions needed is individual in the hair transplant field. […]
An average time needed between two surgeries may vary between 12-18 months. […]
In the field of medicine, there can be NO 100% guaranties. Hair […]
Hair transplant surgery is a robust medical field nowadays when performed correctly […]
Shock hair loss (shedding) is a natural and physiological step after hair […]
You are always welcome to our clinic. If there is no emergency, […]
On the day of Surgery, please have a good breakfast before arriving […]
An all-included package includes all the services we provide (transfers, accommodation, surgery, […]
On surgery day, please wear comfortable clothes (shirts are preferred). We will […]
If you are an EU Citizen, you don’t need a visa. For […]
Over 85% of our patients are foreigners from all over the world. […]
The payment for the procedure is done after arrival at the clinic […]
We do not have an agreement with insurance companies, thus not accepting […]
The motto of our clinic is – You are the patient, not […]
The dressing will be removed before your first hair washes on the […]
Scarring and redness can vary among the patients. During FUE, tiny incisions […]
You can start wearing a hat 2-3 days after Surgery. The single […]
You can start wearing a helmet for work (construction, i.e.,) 2-3 weeks […]
You can start light exercises (walking 1-2 miles/day, i.e.,) 7-10 days after […]
For the first month after the MicroFUE Surgery, you should wash your […]
You should use the antibiotic cream we provide you in the first […]
You should use hair care foam with D-Panthenol; we provide you in […]
Yes, you can use the hair care foam with D-Panthenol at the […]
You can have regular sex three days after a hair transplant as […]
You can start having a haircut one month after the Surgery. You […]
You can dye your hair four weeks after Surgery.
First of all, you should not worry. Swelling after the procedure may […]
Yes, it is very typical. You are experiencing a physiologic phenomenon called […]
Brief and moderate sun exposure (walking under the sun for 15-30 minutes, […]
Neither Finasteride nor Minoxidil is an obligatory medication after the hair transplantation. […]
Yes, we do recommend having PRP or Mesotherapy after hair transplantation. The […]
You should sleep carefully for the first 7-10 days after surgery, depending […]
Pain can be seen in some patients after Surgery. It is a […]
Having pimples at the donor or recipient area is a normal finding […]
Needle-free local anesthesia utilizes pressurized air and can cause marks at the […]
Recovery time for the donor and recipient zones may vary from patient […]
After 2-8 weeks after the surgery, you will have a temporary shock […]
You can go back to work 10-14 days after surgery. As mentioned […]
Smoking decreases the blood flow in the scalp region, and diminished circulation […]