vıp transfer

Eyebrows are essential attributes in facial features and geometry. Many women and some men around the world seek help for thinning or absent eyebrows. With the refinement and improvements in follicular unit transplantation, normal-appearing eyebrows restoration is possible

There are many causes of eyebrow loss like trauma, burns, avulsions, diseases like hypothyroidism, or genetics. Sometimes it may happen due to long-term eyebrow plucking, etc. Almost one-third of patients attribute their thin eyebrows to inheritance and are born with them. The critical point here is to treat and stabilize an underlying condition before transplantation. It will help if you give time after the transplantation to allow any potential re-growth of natural hair to start. If you have a permanent make-up or tattooing is not a contraindication to eyebrow transplantation because the hairs will cover the tattoo. If you want to remove tattoos, you should do it before transplantation.

It is essential to understand the standard shape and patterns of eyebrows to recreate the forms. Structurally, the eyebrows divided into three parts; the medial portion is the head; the central portion is the body, and the lateral portion is the tail. An arch occurs along the eyebrow in women. The direction and density of hair are different in each of these parts. Generally, we do transplant 200-250 grafts into each eyebrow — the grafts extracted from the occipital donor area as with an FUE procedure. The grafts should be with single follicles; multiple grafts not suitable for eyebrow transplantation. The multiple grafts can be dissected into separate follicles under the microscope if needed. Incisions in the recipient zone have to be angled acutely to ensure that the hairs lay flat against the skin and don’t stay out. Patients have warned that the hair will grow long like natural scalp hair, and they will have to trim them to the desired length regularly. Most patients get excellent results and are incredibly grateful.


We have carried out eyebrow transplantation at Actual Hair Clinic for many patients from all over the world and reached satisfying results.

At Actual Hair Clinic, we do promise rational and realistic outcomes to our patients. We do not give false hopes and falsify the number of grafts and the results of our patients. Our main advantage is that we do extensive planning of the area we are going to work on – head, back of the head, face, and forehead assessed thoroughly. We examine hair follicles, and procedure accurately planned, the approximate number of grafts calculated with their area of distribution. The patient is informed about all possible consequences understandably, so he or she has a clear idea about all the aspects and outcomes of the surgery.

We also give patients briefs before surgery, after the surgery, and on control or wash day. The total number of submissions is 3. In these briefs, we inform the patients about the transplant basics, some terminology, after the transplant care, the time-lapse after the transplant. We do it thoroughly, so the patients feel comfortable and safe. Our patients continue to get online support from a professional and trustworthy team, and they don’t feel deceived and disappointed even after the transplant performed.

At Actual Hair Clinics, the surgeries performed and directly supervised by our physician who has long-standing experience in this field and modern device and approaches used for the treatment. All patients informed in detail about the entire eyebrow transplant process based on realistic plans.