Undergoing hair transplant surgery is a hard decision for anyone. You have to solve an equation with many unknowns like which clinic, doctor, city, even the country, and this “equation” can ruin your daily bias and put enormous pressure on you. In Actual Hair Clinic, we understand that you may have hundreds of questions, concerns, phobias, and perhaps anxieties about your hair loss and hair transplant procedure. For this reason, when you first contact us, we do our best to make you feel safe, relaxed, correctly evaluated. Still, the most important gives you the feeling of confidence that your case handled by the expert hair restoration team, which knows what they are doing.

The hair restoration procedure is a journey, and the most significant consideration getting off to the right start. During an initial phone, WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, and later face-to-face meetings at our Clinics at the Heart of Asian Part of Istanbul – Acibadem. Your case manager and the doctor will listen to you and take the time to understand your goals and expectations.

Before we decide on your treatment plan, we will guide you regarding all of the available options for you. All the options like surgical and non-surgical (medical) techniques discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each explained to you. We do promise rational and realistic outcomes for our patients. We do not give false hopes and falsify the number of grafts and the results of our patients. Our main advantage is that we do extensive planning of the area we are going to work on – head, back of the head, face, and forehead assessed thoroughly. We examine hair follicles, and procedure accurately planned, the approximate number of grafts calculated with their area of distribution. The patient is informed about all possible consequences understandably, so he or she has a clear idea about all the aspects and outcomes of the surgery.

Our main point is that we give our patients full information about the kind of result patients can expect to achieve.

At Actual Hair Clinic, you are a medical patient under the care and supervision of our doctor, not just a customer who pays the bills. Your age, medical history, general health, medications are taken into consideration before recommending a treatment plan. In our clinic, we want you to know that you are receiving not just the hair transplant treatment, but the medical care as well.

Our Motto is – “You are a patient, not a customer.”