Hair transplant surgery is still a definite treatment for hair loss. But the results may differ among the patients. Many factors affect the success of the hair transplant surgery, i.e., donor area size, donor area density, hair density, quality of the donor area, and hair. For example, thick and curly hair will give a better outlook compared to straight and thin hair, etc.

It is worth to mention that hair restoration surgery is giving the illusion of the hair. It is not a hair replacement therapy. It is impossible to provide the density and pattern of the hair you had before. It is the redistribution of the hair from the donor area to the open spaces of the scalp. When doing so, a surgeon gives it a density, direction, and angle of natural hair, thus achieving the realistic results.

At Actual Hair Clinic, we do promise rational and realistic outcomes to our patients. We do not give false hopes and falsify the number of grafts and the results of our patients. Our main advantage is that we do extensive planning of the area we are going to work on – head, back of the head, face, and forehead assessed thoroughly. We examine hair follicles, and procedure accurately planned, the approximate number of grafts calculated with their area of distribution. The patient is informed about all possible consequences understandably, so he or she has a clear idea about all the aspects and outcomes of the Surgery.



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