When the scalp donor area availability is limited, and the demand for the graft number is higher, the search for solutions led us to the concept of Body Hair Transplant (BHT). In this technique, hair follicles are acquired from other parts of the body, i.e., beard, chest. These are not the primary source for covering the scalp, but an additional source of grafts for restoration.

BHT, in reality, is exclusivity for men. Body hair characteristics differ from the scalp hair, and it’s due to hair cycle, growth pattern, number of hair, the direction of growth, and appearance. Despite these differences when BHT performed, transplanted hair gets used to the scalp and may grow for up to 12-15 cm long and have characteristics close to the scalp hair.

Point to notice is that body hair is scattered among the natural scalp hair, and this combination gives the best, and the most natural view and phenotypic differences minimalized

Who’re the candidates for BHT?

BHT performed only on the patients who have proper and dense hair growth on the chest and beard.


⦁ Patients with a weak scalp donor area
⦁ Depleted donor area due to previous surgery (surgeries).
⦁ Scalp disorders of the donor area.
⦁ Acquire grafts for the front hairline.
⦁ Reconstruction and transplantation of the eyebrows.
⦁ Reduced number of grafts in the donor area due to burns, scarring alopecias, etc.


The technique of body hair transplant is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The difference is the donor area, which is the beard and chest. BHT is used primarily in cases where the donor area on the head is no longer suitable for the extraction of donor material or is not dense enough. At this point, we do evaluate the possibility of hair from the body. If the requirements met, grafts could be extracted directly from the areas mentioned above and moved to the recipient area. Also, body hair differs from scalp grafts as these mostly contain only one hair compared to 1 to 7 strands in scalp grafts, thus mainly used for feathering.


⦁ Increase scalp coverage in patients with poor donor area of the scalp.
⦁ Body hair is resistant to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) remains on the scalp forever.
⦁ The hair mixes well with the scalp hair, and we can extract good numbers from the body.
⦁ Satisfying growth pattern when implanted on the scalp.


We have carried out Body Hair Transplant (BHT) at Actual Hair Clinic for many patients from all over the world and reached satisfying results.

At Actual Hair Clinic, we do promise rational and realistic outcomes to our patients. We do not give false hopes and falsify the number of grafts and the results of our patients. Our main advantage is that we do extensive planning of the area we are going to work on – head, back of the head, face, and forehead assessed thoroughly. We examine hair follicles, and procedure accurately planned, the approximate number of grafts calculated with their area of distribution. The patient is informed about all possible consequences understandably, so he or she has a clear idea about all the aspects and outcomes of the surgery.

We also give patients briefs before surgery, after the surgery, and on control or wash day. The total number of submissions is 3. In these briefs, we inform the patients about the transplant basics, some terminology, after the transplant care, the time-lapse after the transplant. We do it thoroughly, so the patients feel comfortable and safe. Our patients continue to get online support from a professional and trustworthy team, and they don’t feel deceived and disappointed even after the transplant performed.

At Actual Hair Clinics, the surgeries performed and directly supervised by our physician who has long-standing experience in this field and modern device and approaches used for the treatment. All patients informed in detail about the entire BHT process based on realistic plans.