You can start light exercises (walking 1-2 miles/day, i.e.,) 7-10 days after the Surgery. Avoid direct […]
You can start wearing a helmet for work (construction, i.e.,) 2-3 weeks after the Surgery when […]
You can start wearing a hat 2-3 days after Surgery. The single rule here is that […]
Scarring and redness can vary among the patients. During FUE, tiny incisions created at the recipient […]
The dressing will be removed before your first hair washes on the second day after the […]
The motto of our clinic is – You are the patient, not a customer. We value […]
We do not have an agreement with insurance companies, thus not accepting insurance for our services. […]
The payment for the procedure is done after arrival at the clinic and having a consultation […]
Over 85% of our patients are foreigners from all over the world. We require you to […]
If you are an EU Citizen, you don’t need a visa. For the U.K., the U.S., […]