Brief and moderate sun exposure (walking under the sun for 15-30 minutes, i.e.,) following the hair […]
Yes, it is very typical. You are experiencing a physiologic phenomenon called Shock Hair Loss. You […]
First of all, you should not worry. Swelling after the procedure may occur in some patients […]
You can start having a haircut one month after the Surgery. You can use clippers for […]
You can have regular sex three days after a hair transplant as long as you don’t […]
Yes, you can use the hair care foam with D-Panthenol at the donor area as well.
You should use hair care foam with D-Panthenol; we provide you in your first aid kit […]
You should use the antibiotic cream we provide you in the first aid kit ONLY in […]
For the first month after the MicroFUE Surgery, you should wash your hair once a day […]