When you leave The Actual Hair Clinic after your surgery, we will provide you with all the supplements you will need to take care of your hair in the first two weeks. You will have a unique booklet file that will include instructions after the hair transplant, hair wash guideline after the hair transplant, FAQ, Prescription, and Certificate. In your post-transplant bag kit, you will have some medications needed to manage initial discomfort after the procedure (antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, pain killers, etc.).

We think that our patients are lifelong beneficiaries of our hair care services. You will be able to stay in contact with us for ongoing online support and help with following your hair growth, scalp recovery, and dealing with any possible problem you may experience.

We give a day-one after the surgery control of the scalp, changing the dressing service for the patients who stay for three days. For the patients who accommodate for four days, we give First hair wash and control of the scalp on day-two after the surgery services.

We’re always delighted to see our patients again and to hear how you have benefited from your procedure.

You’ll be able to return to us for check-ups and maintenance procedures, giving you a lifetime of professional hair care.