The primary point before the comparison is that an outcome in all types of surgeries is […]
In the FUT technique, a thin strip of skin with hair is removed from the back […]
A hair transplant is taking healthy hair follicles from the region of the scalp, where they’re […]
The answer to this question is very individual. It depends on many factors. It is the […]
There are two main types of hair transplant surgeries; ⦁ Follicular Unit Transplantion (FUT a.k.a. Strip […]
As in any treatment, there are potential side effects of non-surgical hair loss treatment; fortunately, they […]
Non-surgical hair loss treatments are often useful in the early stages of male and female pattern […]
In the world today there are 4 FDA approved treatments for hair loss; One is surgical; […]
With the age hair growth cycle slows. We have more follicles that go into the terminal […]
There are different causes of hair loss men can have. Simple rules and methods can help […]