The transaction rate of the grafts plays a crucial role in the success of Surgery. We […]
We perform our surgeries via FUE or DHI method. We use a micromotor with punches of […]
The Actual Hair Clinic founded in October 2019. Dr. Ahmedov has been performing hair transplant surgeries […]
We use the title of surgical assistants for our medical team members. All members of our […]
Dr. Ahmedov is a co-founder and an attending surgeon of the Actual Hair Clinic. He carries […]
Dr. Ahmedov fluently speaks English, Persian, Russian, and Turkish. We provide German, Serbian, Bosnian, Albanian, Romanian, […]
You will have a case manager assigned to you. He/She will guide you through all the […]
Before you decide to have hair transplantation surgery, we inform you of all the possible options […]
On average, hair transplantation surgery lasts 6-10 hours depending on the number of grafts, individual features […]
Hair transplantation surgery is aesthetic surgery, and having it is an individual decision of the patient. […]